Europe’s plans for the green transition lack scale, urgency and justice, and are based on flawed green growth thinking. For the transition to be just, Europe needs to stop its extractivism. Its colossal demand for natural resources lock – in the exploitation of countries in the Global South and potentially increases exploitation in the North with major risks for biodiversity. In 2022 we have continued to campaign for Europe’s resource use to be clearly measured, and to dramatically reduce our consumption levels.

Leading the way on raw materials use and mining

In 2022, we were a leading voice in Brussels calling out the increased demand for raw materials as part of the green transition. Our position has gained prevalence in the discussion around decreasing EU raw material demand, whereas previously, this issue was not considered as significant. We worked to increase the strategic coordination between NGOs, including setting up an official NGO coalition.

“Our governments need to rethink the direction they are taking and stop the opening of yet another devastating mine. /…/(they) must instead implement measures that truly transform the economy and society, use fewer materials, and reuse the materials already in the economy.”
Meadhbh Bolger, resource justice campaigner in the Daily Express
FoE Norway stunt © Naturvernforbundet

Transformational steps towards an EU wellbeing economy

We are a respected advocate for an economic paradigm shift. We have increased coordination between NGOs, e.g. through the EU Wellbeing Economy coalition, organising events on new economic solutions work on the ground, and meeting allies working on anti-racism and in trade unions. Debating new ideas for an economic paradigm shift – and acting on them – has become increasingly mainstream: more and more civil society organisations are beginning to work on a new economy.

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